Welcome to the Edge Of Darkness!

 "I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow truth and reason to whatever results they led."
-Thomas Jefferson (1812)

The Edge Of Darkness Paranormal is a group of paranormal researchers/investigators, based in Bellevue, NE. (Formally SPIRAL Paranormal) 
Our team conducts investigations, case studies and research at locations that are believed to have paranormal activity. Using
old time investigative methods & electronic equipment our team can help authenticate your claims. Before each investigation, case study or research project, We will request an interview of the clients and a quick "Walk Through" of the location. This process is used as an overview of the location, to check for safety hazards and to learn where the paranormal activity has been witnessed. All investigations will be handled with experience and knowledge. All clients and locations will be treated with respect, as we are here as a free service to the public. All client information will be held in the
strictest confidence, and will not be shared with anyone outside
the organization without the express written consent of the
client/clients. WE are a  NON-PROFIT Organization which
means our services are free of charge; however, donations are 
accepted. For donation information contact us at: EdgeOfDarknessparanormal@gmail.com

<<Mission Statement>>

Our mission is to provide no-cost paranormal investigations and research to the public. To research all claims of paranormal activity. To use all available means including, but not limited to,
old and new methods of research and investigation. To ensure the safety of the clients and team members before, during and after an investigation and to provide proof of the afterlife to the world.